Almost Weird Websites: 2017!

Internet hosted more than 1,116,136,500 which keeps on adding with counting secs.most of the websites are for information, technology, gadgets, games, musics, movies etc. there are some which are just good for nothing or everything whatever. checking all websites one by one needs so many lives to live which is by me is impossible.

Here are some which I myself explored and decided to inform so that you be aware to be over there on websites or not (depends upon your choice)

Here we go :

  1. visit :

Eel Slap

Eel Slap is a website where you’ll slap a person with eel using your mouse.

Insane, right? But you can bring out your frustration over here

Well, actually it’s fun to slap a person with eel.

What are you waiting for? Let’s slap, him for free!



Have you ever seen a thing that is falling and falling but never end falling?

But this website will show you just falling.

Falling Falling

Why so downfall



Welcome to, this is, welcome, this is

You can do anything at, the only limit is yourself.

Welcome to, this is, welcome, this is

Yes, this is, and welcome you’ve came here.

Everything is possible.

Well, what these lines actually means?

Am I became crazy?

LOL, No!

Well, this is a mystery itself, unless and until you visit this most weird website.

4. Zoom Quilt

ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM……It will zoom infinity, like it will never end.

 Zoom Quilt

Have you seen a world just zooming zooming and zooming?

No, never?

It’s okay, now you can.

Go and check it out yourself.

5. Ninja Flex

Ninja Flex

Have you ever seen a ninja and a flex?

Don’t worry see it now by visiting this website.

Don’t forget to hover your mouse over anyone of them, ninja or flex.

Why? Go and do that, you’ll get that!

6. Clever Bot

Clever Bot

Have you seen a bot doing things like a human.

Your day is so boring?, No worries this bot will make your day an interesting one.

Well, Go and check it out yourself.

Really, so clever bot.


7.  The Nicest Place On The Internet

The Nicest Place On The Internet

You can’t say this site as Weird but you can say this website is the nicest place on the internet.

Are you so upset, don’t worry.

Go and get huge hugs, for free.

Don’t believe, check it out yourself.

8. Feed the head

Feed The Head

Do you have a lot’s of free time?

Want to play a game, which is quite interesting?

Well, after visiting this website you can.

Pointer Pointer

When you visit the website, move your cursor and then stop it on particular place.

You’ll see a image will come and that particular image will point out your cursor.

Yeah, it really works!!

Try it now by visiting the site.


This is the Weirdest. So try it or not to try depends upon you.

The question is:

“Which website is so weird for you?”

Want to answer this question?

Simply comment below.

Don’t forget to share it on your favorite social medium with your friends, hostel mates, class mates, family members and all the relatives.



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