TIMEPASS WEBSITES (from my point of view)

Hello my readers , Hope you are fine

As we all do possess some time in which we keep on trolling through internet or we keep on going through doing things which are by no means are fruitful to us. But still we prefer to do those things …. time pass – the word which is more suitable for the situation. 

I am going to inform about some of the websites which are useful in passing time with leisure or no leisure depends on the choice of the person. Here we go ……………………..

windows 93  (click the link and you will be there)Get nostalgic and use old windows on your browser. The click will take you to the tour of windows dating back to 90s. May be remind of your childhood or younger times. Lol.. but quite funny and innovative idea whomsoever tried to make it. I liked it hope you too can go through it.

2. I am an artist  (click the link and you will be there): Yes weavesilk.com is the website in which you just draw and see the result of the movement of your curser WALLA you are an artist. You can save your work too by the save option.. Huhhh…!!!! what a fun.

3. clickhole (click the link and you will be there) : The site is quite funny and informative too .. depending upon the choice of the users. hope so.ClickHole shares the gift of new content by regularly updating our accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and the other 854,640 social media websites. DO YOU BELIEVE.

4. I am musician too  (click the link and you will be there) : Yes you can be a musician if you type any word / letter through your key board and the beats just comes our of the speakers WWWAAAWWW.. really quite interesting and enjoyable. So have your beats.

5. Magical Cards (click the link and you will be there) : Whoaaa..cards are really magical if your avoid using your mind but if you go through the trick it is quite easy. but a good time pass and impression making of you in front of your friends (if you try to use it).

6. Twitter clock (click the link and you will be there) : This site is quite funny and good..it make use of twitter tweets of the real time of click and tweets related to the time will come through your screen. I did’nt tried for follow button but may be you try.. Nice one. 

7. Guess my place and distance  (click the link and you will be there): Guess places of the world . Cool tool for geography geeks. An interesting website for students to enrich their geographical knowledge while playing the game. Informative and knowledgeable for students and seekers..

8. My chatroom (click the link and you will be there): Chat with stranger with free chat room or in account. Chat with complete strangers across the world anonymously. So what waiting for explore yourselves. 

9. Funny cow to be find (click the link and you will be there) : Find the invisible cow on the page by focusing on the audio. Move the cursor right to left and may be you have a fantastic experience to hear. 

10. Edits of wikipedia (click the link and you will be there) :  The site will give you almost real time Anonymous edits to Wikipedia. Really interesting and aawwsommee feeling to see live edits happening on wikipedia on Map…. 

11. Movie funk quiz (click the link and you will be there) : If you are a movie lover here is a quiz for you to pass your time. It requires brain exercise hence cool game for movie addicts so get set go…

12 How old are you (click the link and you will be there) : If you take your age seriously, then this website is too much informative and is only made for you. basically it relates you to the world renowned events and personalities. Worth trying to visit atleast for once because it give Interesting stats about your age.

13. lappy frenzz (click the link and you will be there) : Live community of people working on laptops.depend upon your luck may be you find someone under or equalling your frequency. 

14. Brain Game survey (click the link and you will be there) : A game of recognising the face. Brain teaser but healthy game to exercise your brain. 

15. Click any where to see gravity (click the link and you will be there) : Interesting website click the cursor and see the effect of gravity there. Really your cursor effect is too strong.. 








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