Learn how to hide a folder in windows with single and simple command line

Hello dear ones, hope every thing will be great.

In this post I am going to share my knowledge about a trick, a command trick by use of which one can hide a complete folder and no one is able to find the folder even using hidden file folder technique i.e show hidden file and folder option also fails if files are hided with this trick. Hope you will love to learn the trick, so here we go step by step :

  1. First of all create a folder (destination folder) any where in your computer but preferably desktop and name the folder as per your choice (I have named it as sec).aaaa
  2. Now make another folder inside that particular fold and name it too as per your choice, (here I named it bb)bbb
  3. Add the items (Images, documents, videos etc in that inner folder)
  4. Now  select the parent folder, press shift and right click both at the same time , and select open command window here click it.
  5. cccc
  6. Command prompt will get opened 
  7. Now type the the following code in it :
  8. attrib +s +h “folder name” (here folder name is the name of inner folder carrying items to be hidden (bb in my case) and press enter.
  9. ddd
  10. Thats it , click refresh any where on the desktop
  11. And click the parent folder to check your items “””””GONE””””””
  12. You can recover your items back by repeating the same steps but instead of typing +s +h now type -s  -h and you will retrieve or get your hidden items back. 
  13. fff

Hope this trick will be liked and used by you. 

Thanks for bearing 




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