Learn about SaaS, (Software as a Service

Hello dear friends, Hope you all are fine and grace of god bestowed on you,

Reading my last post, one of my old friends advised me to write a note on SaaS, which is very common web based utility feature  used in cloud computing by various organizations now a days. Cloud computing is very much related to cloudstorate, I have written about cloud storage in my previous article cloud computing is kind of services provided through cloud storage by provider companies / hosting companies to their clients and the service is of any kind related to their small business procedures to multinational operational models. 

SaaS , in simple words is Software as a Service delivery to the clients by the hosting servers through internet using cloud storage. It is basically web based services provided remotely by the host companies.

Suppose an organisation wanted to run a software for its functioning and record mantanence, and to do this,  company needs hardware infrastructure to install, store and run the software, i.e server along with other accessories,hard discs for backup, client computers, operators, engineers to look after hardware and software. Daily upkeep,  monthly or annually up gradation is other requirement to be fulfilled. For overcoming all these headache / processes SaaS is an option. SaaS provide all these functionalities through web based remote servers and will cost less than paying for licensed software applications. Hosting service provides cost monthly rents for their services and the client organisation will get their all data stored, processed and retrieved whenever and where ever required without any hesitation and worry because all these things are managed remotely hence is secured and safe also. Investment for additional hardwares, softwares and personnels gets curbed in this case.

SaaS is also termed as hosted applications, storage models where business organisations rents or lease storage space from third party provider. Data is transferred to client from provider through internet, client access that data according to need using software provided by the hosting company. Software provided by the host company is used to access , update and store the data. small and mid-sized commonly follow SaaS as it usually requires quite low as investment and businessmen pay only for service based only on amount of storage only.

Hope this will help to add your knowledge.




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