You tube tips

Hello readers, hope everything is fine,

I am going to share some knowledge about youtube users like how to organise youtube homepage, create favourite videos list and watch live videos stream as well.

  1. WATCH LIVE VIDEO STREAMS : This is a feature of youtube in which live video stream is played from launch of new mobile to various documentaries to live coverage of your favourite star.if want to go to live feature of you tube ,, click on the link and subscribe     youtubelive.You may make it your homepage. Scroll down to see various live channels either sport , news, technology and animals even live satellite view of space too.Click far right arrow of each row to see more related videos of same category.Some live feeders have various camera angles and you have choice to view from. Click on switch camera to choose from alternative camera.
  2. FIX SHUTTERING PLAYBACK : If youtube videos tend to shutter when you watch it in chrome, one reason is google chrome’s setting because chrome use graphic card of PC by default to speed up its features including video playback. An old graphic card might create problem while playing latest HD videos by shuttering playback and choppy videos.  To solve this open chrome window click on with three dots at top right of chrome window go to setting then go to show advance settings and scroll down to system heading. Untick ” use hardware acceleration when available” then click restart when you see ‘requires chrome restart’ message.
  3. CREATE PRIVATE PLAYLIST ON Youtube : There was time when you could add videos to your youtube favorites like you do in browser’s adding favourite websites.  The feature in latest was removed but this can be replicated for doing this :::: Click on the video you’d like to add to favourite , then click “Add to” followed by ” create a new playlist”. type a name for the playlist then click public and choose private from the dropdown menu then click create. The video is now saved as your favourite in your playlist. New additions of videos just followed by Add to and then click on the playlist.  By clicking on favorites under playlist in the sidebar in on the left displays your videos.
  4. PERSONALIZE YOUR YOUTUBE HOMEPAGE : Mostly one see youtube different from others while browsing it for the first time. New logger will see trending videos whereas regular use will see videos based on past views related videos. To tailor what you see on home page of your youtube Click sign in on youtube home page and enter your google username and password. Click ” browse channel” on the left side of the page, then type anything of your choice (UK channel) then press enter.You will see a list of channels and click subscribe so that it comes to homepage. Once it is finished click home at the top left to see your revamped homepage. There also comes videos marked with blue featured label, these are sponsored videos. To remove click “X” on the far right of the row.
  5. REMOVE YOUTUBE COMMENTS : Don’t get distracted by various comments left by others. It can be turned off by using Chrome extension (REMOVE COMMENT) Add extension and you will be free from it. Similar extension is available in Mozilla too.

Hope this is of some information.




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