What is SYNTHESIS PROGRAMING Deepcoder (An artificial Intelligence)

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Here I am going to share my information about a new technique developed by Microsoft. Basically it is not technique but an artificial intelligence ( a new word), I mean to say Microsoft has developed an artificial intelligence which is able to program a software by reusing codes of various softwares and help to those who are not well versed in coding or are not masters of coding languages.

New Artificial Intelligence Writes Code For People Who Don’t Know Coding. (developed by Microsoft)

In collaboration with University of Cambridge (United Kingdom) Microsoft has developed an AI which can read coding of other software and is able to use in writing new programmes thereby helping those who do not have knowledge of advanced professional coding. Microsoft is not only one in the field who is developing such kind of artificial intelligentsia but couple of days ago Google Inc. had also published its dream project of creating AI in same way.

The technique is called “SYNTHESIS PROGRAMMING” which is a form of automatic programming in which it is the computer itself or the software that writes the programs.

The system of AI christened Deepcoder is based on synthesis programming. Deep Coder uses machine learning to analyze which lines of code best to fit the previous requirements, and in addition, its performance improves with time as it solves problems.Thanks to this, the AI performs a search in a code database simply to build its own software with which to solve simple programming problems, all in a matter of a few minutes. According to one of the members of the Microsoft Research team, Deepcoder is especially attractive for people who do not know programming and all they have to do is to describe their requirement and need, artificial intelligence will simply create software for them in the moment.

This new AI is still an infant and need  to be fully nurtured before jumping into the field of programming.

But do this poses a threat to programmers and developers, No, developers are no way threatened from this new technique as innovations are not bound to one or another machine or brain but can arise in anyone’s mind.

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