Email from Benedict Brown

Hello dear readers ,Hope you all are fine

Here I am sharing a latest scam and security issue for email users (mostly). A recent malware known as NUTRINO, considered to be one of the dangerous malwares knock your window by the name of Microsoft security expert (not in actual but posing themselves). Victim receive an email claim to be from ‘Benedict Brown’ representing Microsoft security Office telling the recepient that access to their bank accounts and cards has been blocked because of suspicious activity.

Email force you to click a link to download a report containing more details, and to read instructions to unblock your account. The report comes in word document and in order to read that report you will be asked to enable macros and doing so you permit the Nutrino to strike you PC and its working is very simple. Nutrino take sccreenshots of your PC and record what you type (as keylogger) and absorb your computer into a botnet. Nutrino is easy to handle by hackers so it is just a hotcake for them as it requires little knowledge of computer security. This scam is being discovered by Malwarebytes, acknowledge that criminal with zero coding knowledge can use Nutrino and it exploits programs that are known to be riddled with security flaws like adobe flash player.If you are using microsoft office 2007 you can be one of the victim.

What to do : Do not activate your macros unless you are well versed to it and use only when you are upto programming addons with microsoft office. If enabled, disable your macro from MS word etc.  secondly there is no Benedict Brown in Microsoft who is concerned about your personal account.(if such issue occured you will be notified on the account logging page itself and not in your mail address before your knowledge and in that case too you will be warned first)

Hope this will help you of being alert.

Thanks for reading