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In this writing,I am going to share about latest update from NASA, well I don’t think anybody not aware of NASA.the space exploration arm of United States. Engineers at NASA write  programs for the benefit of National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Some of the softwares are later been distributed as Open Source Softwares for the benefit of public.First installment of softwares was open for public distribution in April 2014 and now NASA has just published its 2017-2018 software catalog which is the third installment of the software. The software list comes both in hard copy and offline format.

Steve Jurczyk, an associate administrator for NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) in Washington, informed that the software catalog is their way of supporting the innovation economy by granting access to tools to the entrepreneurs, small businesses, academia, and industry.”which is used by today’s top aerospace professionals.

 “Access to these software codes has the potential to generate tangible benefits that create American jobs, earn revenue and save lives.”

Dan Lockney, NASA’s Technology Transfer program executive, claimed that Softwares had played a significant role in NASA’s mission successes and scientific discoveries “Software has been a critical component of each of NASA’s mission successes and scientific discoveries. In fact, more than 30 percent of all reported NASA innovations are software.”


Here is some popular software that has been open sourced by NASA recently:

  1. Video Image Stabilization and Registration
  2. JP L’s Stereo Vision Software Suite
  4. What’s Up at Wallops (Android and iOS)
  5. Global Planetary Reference Models
  6. Worldview Satellite Imagery Browsing and Downloading Tool
  7. Lossless Hyper-/Multi-Spectral Data Compression Software
  9. PixelLearn
  10. NASA Root Cause Analysis Tool
  11. Cart3D

Well, if you want to try the software that is released under NASA’s Technology Transfer program, you need to visit this Software Link. For the complete list of tools that are released by NASA visit NASACATALOG.

Or Just click here —–>  Jagatprasad (for catalogue)  jagatprasad (for softwares)

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