Websites you did’nt know existed but you should know

Welcome reader, HOPE YOU ARE GOOD. Here I am going to tell you about websites which you think may not have existed but in real it exists. There are more than a million websites which we think may not have been made or available but as the world is far from our thought same is in digital world too… without wasting a doo have a look.

1 Make GIFs : <— Click ) As per name you becomes a GIF maker. which ever online video site you chose this site makes it incredibly simple to create an animated GIF from any video of your choosing. Simply copy URL of the video and paste in a  space asked for and you’re presented with the following customization options; you can select where in the video clip you’d like the GIF to begin and time of the GIF. the site lets you title the GIF, add captions etc.  The site provides a superbly simple way to create your own in just a few seconds.

2 Virus Scanner<— Click ) VirusTotal is a free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware. this website you check your file contain virus or not.Virustotal is a free online virus scanner.If you downloaded any file online get it scanned online if you have no antivirus.

3 I am hacker :<— Click ) Yes this website imitate you as hacker in front of your friends and colleagues. Just the link and start typing any thing from your key board and at last you will be shown “Access Granted”. You can show off in front of any body. its a time killer but good.

4 Is the website down for only me or for every on : <— Click ) Yes, sometimes websites dont allow you to access the content. Many website down or not open in your computer. Using this website you can check either the website is really down or there is some technical error through your side. Nice and good website which really exist.

5. Temporary Emails : <— Click ) There are not many but few websites which creates temporary email address for a time being after which the address terminates itself. This services can be used to create your account in websites which asks for email addresses for registration and you bother about giving your actual emails to avoid spam and funky unwanted junk through those sites. 10minutemail , Guerillamail, Airmail and YOPmail are other few.

6. Are you an exclusive person : <— Click ) Yes as the name implies, this website entertains or accept or allow only single person at a time. Quite embarrassing to wait for your turn but I waited and got my chance you try your luck. GOOD LUCK.

7. Worst website of world : <— Click )launched in 2009. Why the site has been made what was the reason but it actually exist. An absolute awful web page, winning the title for the world’s worst website ever. It will thoroughly explain ‘the dreadful web design to freak out.

8. twitter bio generator : <— Click ) Generate a silly twitter bio for amusement. It’s fun! this one is for me Filmmaker, Entertainer, Event Producer, Domestic Diva, Ironing Man. I speak lorem ipsum.

9. Every thing ok : <— Click ) Get everything OK with click of TAB. Just a tab to determine if ‘everything is OKAAAY’. If not, time to evaluate the settings of perception. Really?

10. Say it loud : <— Click ) I will not tell anything about it. Go and check it by yourselves. But try it loud.

Thank you for giving time reading my post.

Jagat Prasad