Welcome to new concept of Browsing “OPERA NEON”

Hello dear readers,  Be fine,

I am sharing my knowledge about new browser which  I am using since January 2017. This is new browser concept from OPERA called Opera Neon which has been designed from scratch for windows and Mac. Here are some features I like to share about it. Whenever we speak of browser, there comes a flash in picture with a page asking for url at the top and like that. Most of the browsers don’t differ much but opera neon is quite different having fresh approach in design, look. It uses opera’s existing engine hence pages render perfectly but quite different from other classical browsers. Tabs have been changed to bubbles that bob about when dragged. there’s a pop-out video window, a split screen mode, the ability to capture images. Private browsing is included too.

It mostly use your screen background as its own wallpaper but by default it has its own too.

Download opera neon from here —->  NEON click  to download 2.3 MB setup file on your computer and click to download , setup and installation will take place online by itself. After setup opera neon opens at the speed dial start page, floating bubble offer links to popular sites. Click any site of your choice and you can enter web address or some search items in the omnibox. 

When you search for something browser tries to guess what you are looking for and keep on refining as you type. It also links to recently accessed files from your computer. Select one and opera will try to open it in a new window.  Web pages load as you would expect. A green padlock icon appears when you visit a secure site. You can use refresh button. Back and forward button. Opened tabs are displayed as bubbles in a column on the right.

Opera neon supports split screen browsing. Drag one tab bubble over another and neon gives you option to show it to left or right of current page. drag the bubble where ever you want to place it beside existing page. You can resize pane also. Hover your cursor over a bubble, X will appear at right top (used for closing as usual). You can minimize the page to return to main screen. When you drag a tab to speed dial page it will stay there until you close. When you close a bubble on the speed dial screen it vanishes in a puff of smoke. Neon browser comes with builtin screen capture tool. something which you want to capture click on the snap tool on the left , click and drag to draw around the area you want to capture. Image is then saved to gallery.

From Menu button at bottom left of browser new window can be opened or start incognito session. If latter is selected new window opens with incognito wallpaper showing that you are in private browsing mode. A ninja also appears in the corner for good measure.Setting from menu can be chosen for startup behavior and search engine . Settings from other browsers can also be imported. Neon can be set as default browser. Advanced setting can be made to manage privacy, password, web content. download, location and more.

Hope this is of some benefit if you are interested in trying new browser.